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TSW is a space to cut the chaos and declutter. And, TSW truly believes in the power of SMALL.
The adage - big surprises come in small packages - is the underlying emotion of TSW.

TSW is The Small Wonder. But why is it called The Small Wonder, you may ask. Well, firstly because I am a 4.7ft tall woman and I am wonderful (duh!). Jokes apart, small people do big things. Do wonderful things. And, it is the small gestures that are etched in your heart forever. SMALL is big at TSW.

Let me explain. Mark Zuckerberg wears multiple variations of the same t-shirt day in and day out. Why? Because this helps him in utilising his time in running the world’s largest social network - Facebook - efficiently. SMALL decisions, big impact. I also believe we need to sit back and take time out to appreciate the SMALL things in life too. Such as the smell of coffee in the morning. The joy you feel when your doggo licks your face. The pitter-patter of the first rainfall. You get the drift.
TSW explores each and everyone to find their version of SMALL that has helped them improve their lives. Or, if it has helped create a memory.

I know the introduction to TSW might be a little rough around the edges for now but the idea is to start SMALL anyway. I’ve just laid the foundation stone right now. We shall build this space together as time passes.

Welcome to my world. The small and wonderful world


I am the founder of Cojournal - a boutique creative agency.  I'm a marketer by profession with strategy and design at the heart of what I do. I hold my coffee in one hand and conversations in the other. I am passionate to give a leg up to businesses of different scales with creative marketing solutions and maybe even hold the ladder to break the glass ceiling. When I am not giving creative pitches to brands, I am all for achieving that Hygge lifestyle. I'm also a stickler for organising and enjoying my cocktails with a good read.

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