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Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Carpe Diem (Seize the day) is a phrase that a lot of people have as their personal motto. It means that one should make most of their present and let future take its own due course. However, I strongly believe the essence of the phrase is lost in our fast-paced world. In fact, I’ve seen people try to tick things off the list in a bid to live out their version of Carpe Diem.

My friends, Carpe Diem doesn’t urge you to push yourself to finish the maximum number of tasks in a limited period of time. Stop and breathe. It is important to understand that you need to pace yourself, think deeply, and then remember to seize the day. Try not to hustle and just hover.

Which brings me to my idea of Carpe Diem and how I let the power of SMALL make big impact in my life. Let’s talk about the 8 tiny things that I do (or happen) everyday that make it magical for me.

Being woken up by Mhysa

My mornings begin with Mhysa — my cute little fur baby — waking me up for her scheduled leak. Most of the times I don’t want to leave my bed, especially on Mondays, but honestly, I wouldn’t want it any other way. Mhysa, is one of the reasons why TSW exists. She is my happiness and hope. The daily tug-of-war with her toys, the way she jumps with joy when I come back home, and her cute face when she wants to sleep on my lap. I look forward to all of these things every day.


I am a major coffee addict. For every impossible task at work, my solution is to gulp down a cup of coffee. I take coffee in small doses, though. That said, coffee does give me an instant adrenaline rush that I thoroughly enjoy. Did you know you can do many other things with coffee apart from just drinking it? It can be used as a face scrub, a room freshener, to repel insects and pests, fertilise the garden, tenderise meat, and sometimes even repair the scratches on wooden furniture. Coming back to my point, coffee is my small dose of magic everyday. What’s yours?

A good-looking work outfit paired with a happy playlist

I know this is a very quirky combination, but it works for me. Every day, I make it a point to pick an outfit as per my mood. And, I like to couple that with a playlist that can lift my mood. Once I hit the optimum efficiency with this combination, I am pumped to go to work after that. I prefer a list of tunes that are chirpy, happy, and groovy. If you are ever invited to be a part of my morning routine, you will see me doing my happy dance while I book my Uber to work.

Coming back to our lovingly-built house after work

I am thankful and count my blessings every single day when I think of our house that I built with my husband. Every time that we return after a holiday or travel for work, we are overjoyed to come back home because we genuinely miss it. Trust me, make your home a living, breathing space and you will never want to step out of it at all. I fondly remember the first day at our home when we sat on the floor and ate Maggi. Little things that spark joy in me when I think of it even today.


I love gardening. I think my plants are my babies too. I enjoy investing time and energy every day in watching them grow and further enhance our happy space - our house. Taking care of these plants and nurturing them makes me feel very productive.

Cooking and cleaning

While I don’t get time to cook every day, on days that I can, I completely cherish the activity and it works like therapy for me. But, what I am more particular about is cleaning. I generally start with cleaning up the kitchen and making it spic-and-span before starting prep. I genuinely enjoy the entire process. So, I think everyone should learn to cook and clean, and take joy in it. The final outcome is truly worth all the effort. How does my food taste? For that you will have to ask the ones eating it.

Reading good books

Books are easily accessible and have so much to offer every single time. Reading not only makes you more knowledgeable, it also enriches your soul in my opinion. Whatever your age or area of interests, there is always a book for it and a book always gives something to the reader; a learning or a story, that leaves you puzzled or hooked. This one habit has been like a friend to me for really really long time and I feel great about it. I make it a point to read for 20 minutes every day. Trust me, do it every day as a practice. Growing up can be also be about learning time management which leaves less time for things that we love doing. But, I just want to say don’t give up on this one habit for sure.

Stationery hoarding

I have a confession to make I have had a love affair since childhood, and I know it is eternal. Don’t worry, I am not cheating on my husband. I am talking about my love for stationery. Anybody who knows me well knows about this affair. I have a collection from different corners of the world. I am absolutely into all sorts of lists and organisers, like checklists, to-do lists, shopping lists, goals list. And, I carry two different journals in my bag. This helps me organise my life neatly and stay focused on the task at hand.

If you relate to any of these points or have a list of your own everyday magic activities, please do share them. I look forward to reading all your thoughts as well.

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