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Have you heard of people saying “this is my comfort food,” or “this feels like home,” or “this is my comfort zone?” As human beings, all of us at some point crave for comfort despite the undeniable appeal of the adrenaline rush. We always tend to gravitate towards things/events that bring a sense of belongingness and make you feel like home. Times change, they always do, and it's just a cycle that we live in. But, there are these tiny yet significant happenings that balance this cycle by introducing comfort. Remember the ability to take risks by stepping outside your comfort zone is how we grow as a human race. But, we are often afraid to take that first step, hence it becomes essential not to mix comfort zone with facing fears. It is absolutely necessary to break the chain of fear to get outside.

Everyone has different life experience. What brings me comfort, most likely isn’t what brings you comfort. There are different foods, smells, scenery, sounds, and people we associate with ‘comfort.’ And just like everyone, I have a list of things that work as my comfort factor. And hence, I can't express enough how much these things mean to me and keep me sane. I had to share this list with you all so that you can know yourself and know yourself well. Then when you find yourself at crossroads, or simply in a state of discomfort, it’s easier to know how to be your best caregiver, and reduce the urge to enter into a complete meltdown. Unless of course, if having a meltdown is what brings you comfort – then, by all means, do that.

  1. A soft white bed-sheet to sleep on. I am extremely particular about this apart from sticking to my side of the bed.

  2. My old t-shirts to wear at home, I can never get rid of them. The more often I wear them the better it gets. Until a point where my mom sees me wearing them when she visits me and asks to throw them immediately.

  3. Simple Varan Bhat (Dal with rice) and pickle, or vegetable stew and appam. Ershad and I are foodies and go to absolutely any lengths for that perfect meal but relishing our comfort meals are also a part of our quality time.

  4. Feel good TV shows/ movies or the ones that bring nostalgia. Obviously, I have a list which will be shared one day.

  5. A hot cup of coffee in the morning and especially during reading.

  6. Reading a book lying on a couch with absolutely nothing to distract me.

  7. Just having Mhysa around me when I am home.

  8. Taking a shower just before going to bed, after a hectic day, or after staying out the whole day.

  9. Talking to my mom once every day.

10. Listening to classic songs that I remember my parents singing or my mentor introduced me to. Can't Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley and Hemant Kumar tops the list.

11. Remember how in Big Bang Theory Sheldon's spot is described as the "single point of consistency" in an ever-changing world? Well, my green chair is that spot for me.

12. The distinctive smell of old sarees of my grandmother, old books, and new stationery takes me back to school days immediately. I can't forget the warmth exuded by my granny.

13. This can be weird for some but the smell

(or, should I say fragrance) of Boroline (Ayurvedic antiseptic cream) and Vicks Vaporub reminds me of my old childhood days. My grandmother’s comforting solution to every illness was Vicks and my dad would always keep Boroline handy whenever I would hurt myself. This fragrance gives me a sense of healing more than anything.

14. The smell of peppermint, citrus, lavender in the form of mist, essential oils, candle, or hand cream at my work desk and bathroom is a must.

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15. Fresh flowers or plants at home. I have some plants at home and love looking after them. On certain weekends I like to pick flowers from the market just to cheer up the vibe at home.

16. Some places where I grew up in Mumbai. I could just go there and could be doing nothing, but just being there brings comfort. It brings back childhood memories, time spent with family or friends and I end up making that place a part of that memory. You can say I get emotionally attached to places.

What brings you comfort?

Get crystal clear on what your sources of comfort include. Make a list of all the healthy ways you can comfort yourself. Think of the different scenarios you tend to find yourself in, and match those scenarios up with some go-to comfort cures.

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