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Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Poorva Lavate

Category head Service Designer,

Strategist, Artist

When Amruta asked me this simple question and I tried to trace back the origin of the attitude that has had a significant contribution to my career, it dawned upon me that it's from my father!

When my brothers and I were kids, in fact, all through our childhood, whenever we used to demand anything from him, he would never say ‘No'. Dad saying 'Yes' to everything didn't mean that he is going to fulfil all our demands. In fact, only 10% of those would be doable. But, his first reaction would always be 'Yes'.

As I grew older and moved from one field to another, creative to logical -- I started as a painter/architect & now I work for a bank -- somehow this attitude of my father was always within me...hibernating, probably. It so happened that on a rainy Mumbai afternoon, my boss and I were returning from a new client meeting. I was part of the meeting only because the client had reached out to me first, by chance. Anyway, my boss asked me a question, out of nowhere, “Poorva, what do you think? Should we take this up?” My instant reaction was, "Yes, we can do it." I know it sounds funny, but this was just like muscle memory. I just blurted it out as the immediate response to that question.  

Now, any logical and sane person would know that this is like aiming for failure. New client, entirely new industry, company board as stakeholders and next to impossible timelines! What followed after is a story in itself, but fortunately, with some hiccups, with the team’s efforts, we finished the project in time with good results. 

But what followed after, changed the rules of the game completely for me, personally as well as professionally. Things also changed drastically for the company and the client in terms of their: positioning, way of doing business, and on many other fronts.

Eeshaan Kashyap

Restaurateur, Chef, Artist

I see food as an emotion. I celebrate it. Honestly, my life revolves around it from work to home. There is one thing which I have recently started doing diligently is cutting corners and avoiding wastage while cooking at home for any of my meals or a party at home. Even at work, we are trying to focus on aspects, if not all, to curb wastage or use the waste appropriately. 

At home, every morning post my coffee I discard my coffee powder in a plant close to the kitchen. I only cook or get food made for the right number of people. And, if there is extra I never throw it.

Ershad K

Editor-in-chief, Mr. Phone

I am a clumsy and disorganised person in real life. And, to a certain extent, that spills over to my work life as well. This is further compounded by the fact that as the Editor of a leading tech publication, I'm constantly on the move, attending launch events, filing stories, and making videos. In fact, there was a time when I landed up at the wrong event because there were more than a couple of events on the same day. Time management is still a sore point for me.

Having said that, I completely flip the switch on this personal trait when it comes to organising the folder structure in my laptop. If there is one thing that I've learnt in my 8 years of experience as a tech journalist, it is that being organised and adhering to self-imposed rules is vital. For example, if you look at my homescreen, it has only a single folder and the structure looks something like this:

Mr. Phone -> 2019 -> (month) -> (week) -> (content title and folder) -> (assets required for creating the content+content creation file)

It has been like this for a long time now. This helps me organize my work better and helps me bring up relevant documents at anyone's behest. Categorisation of your work files is also a breeze as a result. I've gained a lot from this tiny quirk of mine. There have been times when my video Editor would lose an important script. But, that'd be no big deal because we'd eventually find it sitting calmly inside this neatly stacked folder structure of mine.

You could create a similar workflow that helps you minimise the effort to search for content when you need it. And trust me, if you have a cluttered desktop, you are bound to lose a very important file on the day of your presentation. You need to have a clean and concise workflow that can help you navigate your workday with ease. While this could seem like a simple advice on the outset, I am doubly sure that if you commit to decluttering your desktop your productivity levels are bound to shoot through the roof. You will feel a sense of achievement at the end of every work day for sure.

This small life hack can help you achieve big things without a fuss.

BTW, here are a few productivity apps that could help you:

1. Google Keep 2. Google Tasks

3. Wunderlist

4. Any. do

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