BYOC - Bring Your Own Cutlery

Taking small suitable sustainable steps one post a time. 💚

Here is our first small step:

I am that person who carries a small world in her handbag and sets up a mini home at her office desk. I always try and keep myself prepared for any daily emergencies such as a small tiffin of food, band-aid or antiseptic lotion, instant coffee premix, tumbler, and the list goes on. But, there is one absolutely important kit that I've carried for the last four years and that is my own Cutlery. I am definitely a proponent of Bring Your Own Cutlery (BYOC). 🍴

I worked for the hospitality industry and would often be a part of a food tasting, or eat my meals at work/on the go, and often I would worry about the number of disposable spoons and forks I discarded after use. That’s when I decided to carry my own steel cutlery set. This is before the plastic was banned and paper straw seemed like the best invention in the world. Plus point, I had my own clean set of cutlery, but on the flip side, it would often make a noise in my bag.

That’s when 3 years ago I moved to a complete Bamboo set.

These are absolutely light and can fit in a simple cotton pouch, which can be easily washed regularly. This kit - apart from spoon, fork and straw - also has a straw cleaner, which I often use to clean any bottle's neck too (yup, I am that obsessive). But, that's just the beginning of the positives. The most important benefit of using a Bamboo cutlery set is that you are not encouraging the use of plastic. And therefore, saving the environment. Plus, you can keep reusing your bamboo cutlery.

Now, in case you are interested (and, you should be), you can easily find these bamboo cutlery kits online/at a store ranging from INR 300 - 400

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