Coffee or Cocktail: Do we have a choice?

As human beings, our brain functions in a way that it uses both, the left and the right side, effectively. The left hemisphere is responsible for performing tasks that have to do with logic, especially in subjects such as science and mathematics. On the other hand, the right hemisphere coordinates with the left side of the body and performs tasks that have to do with creativity and the arts. In short, this makes our brain capable of being rational yet creative.

And, what if your brain does not function like that? Then which hemisphere of our brain do we really nurture or neglect? Well, at TSW we aim to nurture both these sides. As human beings, we are the most advanced social animals on this planet and hence we have the ability to experience the best and worst of both sides. Now, if you ask me - how important is it to balance both the hemispheres? Well, if you do manage to balance or explore both the hemispheres, you will get to know yourself better. However, every human being has leaned prominently towards one of the hemispheres. 

To explain it better, let’s consider the left hemisphere as coffee and the right hemisphere as cocktails. You need coffee to wake you from your dreams and bring you back to reality…to your daily work. This will help you achieve your tasks list with ease. When you consider cocktails, you are talking about taking a dip in the pool of experiments. Here, you let the artisan in you explore and make your choices. The flavours you mix in a cocktail are your specific interests and how you wish to pair them with what’s around you. And then, you wait till you finish your drink to soak in the essence of creativity. So, what do you prefer - coffee or cocktails?

Now, if you lean towards the left hemisphere, you must be are already thinking that it could be impossible to balance between both the hemispheres. In fact, if you ask me, one actually loses the point of your right hemisphere if you really try to create that balance. Because you can never balance creativity or art with practicality. But, it is always great to know that you have a side in you that you can explore more when it comes to creativity. The more connections made between the two brain hemispheres, the better problem solvers and innovators we can hope to become. Also, it sounds great to have a space for coffee and cocktails — considering I survive on both.

I’ve been reading on how can one stimulate both the hemispheres? And, I came across some really simple activities. Ones where we don’t have to go out of our daily routine and are easy to practice. I am listing down some of those activities that are perfect examples of this balancing game. Do let me know if you try these activities.

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The Bridge Brain

Starting with exploring The Bridge Brain – one that connects your left hemisphere to the right one, in your brain. Taking the logical, linear, detail-oriented cognitive functions of the left, and being able to massage and manipulate them with the more creative, big picture of the right is something all these activities strive to do.

- Reading

Read that book, don’t skim. Reading engages your mind while skimming content weakens the left hemisphere in the long run.

- Games

Playing games and I am not talking about PUBG, but I am talking about logic-fuelled ones like Sudoku, anagrams, crosswords, scrabble.

- Be a grammar Nazi

Crafting the right sentence structure, perfecting spellings, and grammar. One of the best ways to enhance your analytical side and stay sharp.

- Take up art of your interest

Music, painting, dance, cooking, baking, theatre or writing. A perfect brain booster.

- Origami

This might sound a bit weird, but Origami sparks up your motor skills. Folding the paper into fascinating shapes will push you to be more innovative with each attempt. Also making knick-knacks from junk isn’t such a bad idea.

I hope these tips can help you nurture your brain into performing better for you. At TSW, we aim to cover different topics that describe small wonders. And, we love sharing experiences of people from different walks of life who could like coffee or cocktails - you pick!  

You know what - why don’t you write in the comments section below? I look forward to reading more interesting stories from different kinds of people from different backgrounds so that we can all at some point connect and find ourselves relatable to the person or the experience we’ve read. Please remember this is a happy, positive and vibrant space. You can share your negative experiences, however, what matters most is that you look at the bright side at the end of your story.

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