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Every day through a tinted glass

In this article, I am sharing my experience about a universal appeal which I happened to learn by chance and since then has been an essential aspect of what I do for my profession of being a Marketer. I am talking about colour; a vitally important ingredient in the world which we live in. Colour can sway thinking, change actions, and cause reactions. It can irritate or soothe your eyes, raise your blood pressure or suppress your appetite. When used in the right ways, colour can even save on energy consumption. It exists around us and we cannot imagine our world without it because it is colours that make our world expressive and beautiful. One cannot deny the connection of human beings with colours. It influences us directly and indirectly in many ways beyond our imagination. We use so many idioms in our everyday life, which are expressed through colours and shows how it is related to our different expressions and moods. The most commonly used and the one that scares most of us "Monday Blues”. Or, "Feeling Blue" for when your travel plan is cancelled last minute. "The world is black and white" when we want to convey the two sides of everything. Or, how I was "Going Green with Envy" when I saw Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga perform at Oscars last year. Colours can make you feel a certain way, set a tone for your surrounding and influence your reaction. While I was working for a product design studio for 3 years, I dived deep into the importance of colours. Even when my job profile was marketing, I was always very keen on the design and aesthetic aspect of what the studio did. It made me understand colours better, and it is during this time I started reading more on the topic and followed some of the best colour strategy studios in India to follow their work very closely. Digging deeper, I realised that colours and trends are beyond the fashion industry. Attributes of colour are never set in stone; they can have positive and negative associations. In these 3 years, I learnt the practical approach of reasons to use colour. Some of those reasons are as follows : 1. Establish identity 2. Improve object recognition 3. Enhance meaning 4. To convey structure 5. Use colour for symbolism 6. Communicate mood 7. Show associations While researching, I also heard about Colour psychology which is the study of hues as a determinant of human behaviour. We all must have heard and come across colour category terms like cool colours and warm colours so let’s just see what do these each category signify so that it helps us pick these colours for our everyday purpose. Of course, colours are further divided into different tints and shades but, cool and warm - along with neutrals - are the base for these shades. Cool colours primarily include White, Green, Blue and Black. White is associated with innocence, cleanliness and a sense of space. Green for health, tranquillity, and harmony. Blue for calmness, wisdom and loyalty. Black for authority, power, mourning Warm colours include Red, Yellow and Pink. Red which symbolises popularly love, is also associated with energy and life. Yellow is associated with happiness, warmth and optimism. Pink commonly signifies feminine, however, it stands for romance, gentleness and calm.

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Scientifically, colours have been proven to affect our moods and perception, and there is evidence of this form of therapy dating back to ancient Egypt, historic China and ages-old India. I like colours that make the surroundings vibrant and cheer up the entire vibe. I can't pick any favourites though. I tend to mix different colours for different space, clothes, and everything in general. I like experimenting often, I may have colours that I use more often but I can't be fixed to any one colour. Especially knowing there are so many colours around us to experiment. Any task or activity we tend to pick or prefer depends a lot on our surrounding and the vibe it creates around us and colours always boost the vibe. To quote my favourite COCO Chanel “The best colour in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.” So, pick the right colour and pick your own vibe.

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