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Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Nikhil Chinapa

MTV India presenter | DJ | Founder of Submerge - India's first EDM company|

Co-creator of Sunburn and VH1 Supersonic festivals

I think existentialism is a wonderful word. I love how it rolls around my tongue when I say it and it reverberates like a high-hat with a long time-delay inside my head after I’ve said the word.

I live my life by a few existentialist (there goes that word again) philosophies - the first two are diametrically opposite in belief, but like Schrödinger's cat, exist simultaneously and are equally true.

1. The unexplored life isn’t worth living. It basically means that if you aren’t leaping head-first off bridges with your ankles attached to giant cords of elastic that’s otherwise used to hold up your underwear, you’re not living life right. Also in your spare time, you ought to work towards not having any spare time.

2. What you don’t know can’t hurt you. You know that rush you get when you leap off that bridge? It’s nothing compared to the rush of never getting out of your armchair, your apartment, your postal code. It means you find enjoyment, love, satisfaction and fulfilment, where you are, as who you are. It’s lovely - like an extended lazy Sunday afternoon, for life.

I think you should try both. Sometimes together.

Ritesh Bhatnagar

Chief marketing officer

U2opia Mobile/Woo

1. Doing someone else’s job: Trusting people is a little thing, but it has a huge impact on how people are motivated to work for a manager. Sometimes I couldn't let go as I believed that I am the best in everything I do. You have to realize that everyone has a different approach to a job and you need to trust them as a leader.

2. Assuming negative intent: Whether you believe people have an intent to do the right thing or whether you believe an individual’s intent was malice, you’re almost always right. Although others may say this attribute is a little thing, most great leaders know that people live up to the expectation you have for them.

When you believe that people are good and their intent is positive, most times people will not let you down.

Rohit Bharati

Creative head | Conceptualiser |

Content creator

As a person who's constantly trying to create content, I often hit a roadblock. Getting saturated is only normal. And, especially now with memes overflowing and every creative individual/brand trying to jump on the trend wagon; old ideas are just being recycled. You know there's a line in the title track of Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani - "Kabhi naye packet mein bechein, tum ko cheez puraani". And that is what is happening in the content world. I myself have done this quite a few times.

Why? It's easy, it's fast and it gets me a great response. But I absolutely detest doing it. Not only because I am cheating my audience but I am also cheating myself just to get some quick likes. And therefore, very recently, I've started experimenting with content. Yes, it is difficult. Especially when you are used to getting 100k+ views on your social media with your existing formula. But it's all worth it. You grow as a creator and evolve out of the box. You produce content you could have never thought you would. You think bigger, and sometimes that is better. You develop a unique style and then you break it, only to come up with another one. There's no stopping and there's hardly any saturation. 

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