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How do you differentiate between a good or a bad hustle?  

Most of us are often exposed to the hustle culture and It seems like everyone has a hustle nowadays. Hustle is just one of many buzzwords in a culture obsessed with optimising, grinding, and life-hacking. It has become synonymous with people doing more than just one side gig. But is the hustle culture a healthy trend? How do you differentiate between a good or a bad hustle?  

When you’re doing work out of an obligation, it can be all of the things you never wanted it to be. But that’s why, you have to fight to make the things that you enjoy doing, help you create your ideal career. You have to push to develop the areas of your strengths. I recently started my own business, and managing other responsibilities, made me realise and think about how often “Hustle” is misunderstood. You can’t take things for granted in the name of hustle. While hustle may make you believe that sleeplessness as a badge of honour. It really is NOT!

If you haven’t prioritised yourself, and your own life at all, it certainly is a bad hustle. Lack of sleep, exhaustion, getting burnt out often may make you feel like it’s a part and parcel of your journey. Maybe to a certain extent, it is, but that can’t be your lifestyle. You can do that as a part of your initial days only to streamline your goals but if your hustle is draining you out and leaving you with absolutely no time for anything else in life, it is for sure a bad hustle. If you think deadline bullies and sacrifice is hustle then you are getting it all wrong. 

If you are putting health and wellness on hold it can’t be a good kind of hustle. If your hustle has left with you no time for family and friends, you are far away from any kind of good hustle. 

So what is a good hustle? You may ask. Here are some key elements of good hustle which I could totally relate to and makes an absolute sense for me. 

  1. A good hustle can eliminate distractions and helps you stay focused without any effort. You are driven by your own interests. 

  2. Makes you want to improve daily. You can’t settle with the knowledge you have right now. It wants to make you push your boundaries and learn. 

  3. You look at grabbing opportunities, and it always encourages you to think big.

  4. Doesn’t scare you with the chances of failure, a good hustle builds enough confidence to accept failure as a part of your journey.

  5. Highly effective hustlers don’t see their field as a dog-eat-dog world where every other person is a competitor to be destroyed or eliminated. You look at making more industry friends and mentors. You appreciate a solid network which is a must for any success. 

  6. A good hustle will never make you surrender, it only knows one mantra - You don’t lose until you don’t quit.”

Here’s hoping your hustle brings you more passion, friends, joy and some time to unwind too. :)

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