Laundry Routine - How often should you wash?

How do we define laundry sustainability? Let's start with what it isn't. 🧺

Sustainable laundry is not simply using cold water in wash cycles or low heat when drying. It isn't hotels asking guests to reuse towels. It isn't commercials peddling us eco-friendly detergent. 🧴🧼

Truly sustainable laundry is much more than that and today we are sharing one small yet key step in this whole laundry sustainability discussion. 💚

Manage your laundry routine as per different types of clothes. As a result, you end up saving energy overall. With growing conscious consumerism in the market, I’m sure we will find a green/eco-friendly detergent of equal price as our regular detergent. But, it is currently expensive and the hesitation among the target audience to replace their regular detergent with a green one is understandable. 🌿

Another plus point to this routine is our clothes last longer and become easy to maintain. As a result, it also limits energy and water and focuses on environment-friendly processes. It's not always about finding a holistic solution at one go, start with fixing one puzzle piece at a time. ♻️

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