Lockdown Learnings by Neha Borkar

7 Things This Lockdown Has Taught Me

Neha is a Content Ninja and expert content strategist who has worked for well-known media houses. Like a true millennial, she is always trying to strike a balance between two of her hobbies - reading books and watching TV/Movies.

For someone whose schedule is already set on the local train timings, this lockdown for me is quite unnerving. Staying in a city that never sleeps and never pauses, I don’t remember getting such a break from commuting. While I certainly used to curse each day when the ladies in the first-class compartment used to squeeze out every bit of patience I had, I am now surprised that I am yearning to go back in the same train to work, meet the same ladies and talk about how unpredictable the climate is getting.

However, I am taking this lockdown as a sign. The universe telling me - Wait, stop running, pause. Sit down. Make yourself a cup of tea. Water your plants on time. For a day, don’t think about the future. Do something you have always pushed for the next weekend or the long weekend. Just don’t do anything. Can you do that? Do nothin

So, just like you, I too am coping. Though most of the times my work keeps me busy, I have extra hours which I have decided to utilize it for something that will make me go – ‘Ah, that was nice!’ This lockdown is a phase and here is what I am learning from it and maybe you should too –

1. Be Grateful

Stop whining. It happens. It’s temporary. All we can do is be grateful to be under a roof with our loved ones by our side. Being grateful, saying a silent prayer for others who are battling the virus is the need of the hour.

2. It’s okay to do nothing

I remember when this entire lockdown started; I made a time-table for myself which included things I normally don’t get time for. I may have followed the schedule twice or thrice but I am not following it anymore. It isn’t necessary to be productive all the time. You can just lay back and do nothing.

3. You don’t need fancy things to prepare a meal

This lockdown is making me cook. And, I am not complaining. I do like cooking. As my mother puts it- you like cooking, but only ‘exotic’ dishes. Yes, I am one of those snobbish ones who think cooking an omelette isn’t real cooking, whereas whipping up a dish like butter chicken is. But this lockdown has changed this attitude and how! With limited grocery trips and only picking the basics, you can cook the best meals even with the bare minimum.

4. Your home needs attention too

Once we leave home for work, we come back only to sleep and wake up the next day and repeat the entire routine. This routine doesn’t allow us to pay attention to our own home. Now that we’re home, we fixed a noisy door, found out old things which had suddenly disappeared, cleaned the kitchen cabinet. God, that felt good! It’s like our home be thanking us for paying extra attention to it. After all, it’s our identity!

5. Watching right shows, reading good books and listening to your music is important

In this period, finding the right thing to attach yourself to is so necessary. A bad movie or a bad book can simply kill your mood. Therefore, it’s necessary to judiciously pick up what you want to invest your time in. Needless to say, music is a healer. Take a break, dance to your favourite music. It helps and how!

6. Watch news but only for updates!

News channels, mainly Indian news channels exaggerate facts. Staying away from information overload and screaming news presenters can shield your sanity. Not paying attention to every family Whatsapp forward is a smart thing to do.

7. Staying away from the phone is awesome

This is difficult. We are all slaves to our devices. However, try staying away from your phone. Try it for 30 mins, then keep extending the time. The digital detox is totally recommended during this time. With the saved time, I either open a book or just sit near the window looking at birds. It’s unbelievable that I spotted a squirrel, three parrots and many sparrows on the Gulmohar tree which stands outside my window!

These are my observations during these tough times, and I would love to know how you guys are taking this lockdown. Until then, stay home, stay positive and stay safe!

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