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Ever wondered what surrounds us right from the time we open our eyes in the morning till we go back to bed? Well, according to a recent Forbes reports 5,000 to 10,000 ads a day.

How does a human brain recollect or even interpret all of this on a daily basis? Does it channelize our thinking in a way, that we are left with very little brainpower to have our own thoughts? Or, does it lead us on to other thoughts? But, what if you were not directed and were completely on your own? What kind of thoughts and ideas would you attract? A lot of millennials do understand this in due course of their crazy professional and demanding personal routine. And, that’s when we say - “disconnect to connect to yourself.”

“If you want to do something interesting, be interested.” - David Ogilvy

“It’s not creativity unless it sells.” - David Ogilvy

These two quotes by David Ogilvy— the god of advertising, for many — inspired me so much, while I was studying advertising. I was so sure about being a marketer one day.

Well, I am a marketer by profession now and have been doing this for 9 years now. I completely understand the challenges like lead generation, target audiences, content marketing, social media, the latest marketing trends, and increasing ROI(Return on Investment).

To crack all of these on a day-to-day basis for the desired response only gets tougher as every single day passes by.

My first post of October is for my fellow marketers and also for non-marketers to decode the vast universe of marketing. Marketing by definition means - a process of interesting your potential customers and clients in products and/or services created by you. The keyword in this marketing definition is "process"; marketing involves researching, promoting, selling, and distributing your products or services. And the entire success of marketing depends on how well did you follow all these processes to reach out to your potential customers? We do have some great brands that are like a case study for us to follow. For example, I have linked the best ad campaigns of the 21st Century as reported by Ad Age.

You can read it here:

But they all do have one thing in common, the relatability and the ability to emotionally awaken you. At times, it could be a simple and direct approach with humour or facts. And sometimes, it could be about expressing an emotional feeling towards a loved one, saving your society or standing up for yourself. It needs to touch your heart and then your mind. It needs to click with your target audience (TA) and stand out among those 5000 ads that appear in a day.

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The concept of marketing is a very murky one. This is because marketing is the root of many different means of promoting your business. As a result, it’s easy to confuse the idea of marketing with just plain advertisements. I have come across many of my ex-colleagues in different companies from other departments, who felt marketing is a fancy and easy job. They usually felt anyone with a little creative input and good enough English can definitely be a marketer. Well, I have something to tell them. 

Marketing does involve understanding your surroundings and their thoughts on the topic. In fact, your content only becomes richer by discussing with different sets of people and through thorough research. But that, my friend, is just one step of this entire marketing process. We still have to configure the path to sell, filter our TA (Target Audience), generate leads, and bring back heavy ROI (Return on Investment) to the table. Money that is spent on marketing is done so as to generate more business, which is as good as your business development plans. 

Now when I use “business development” as a term it doesn’t sound that easy. Am I right? You are imagining charts, numbers, figures, and pros and cons list. All of this is also a part of marketing. A good company culture encourages the involvement of the Business Development, Sales and Marketing team together always. This gives the right sense of direction towards the company’s goals and everybody speaks the same language, in return helping the company achieve success.

Here are a few of my learnings from this industry. This list will only get bigger every single year, as no one has ever learned enough:

-      Believe in the power of process, take the long route, do your homework but make sure you reach the right destination.

-      Know your product and believe in it. Because if you are not convinced yourself, you will never be able to convince anybody else.

- If your business suffers from Marketing Myopia, you are missing opportunities to grow and scale. Marketing Myopia is when a company views marketing strictly from the standpoint of selling a specific product rather than from the standpoint of fulfilling customer needs.

-      In today’s trend of collaborations, one should collaborate only if the brand synergy matches or else it might just dilute your brand identity.

-      Be genuine with your messaging and keep the approach very direct. Show what will become better - instead of the whole life-changing experiences.

-      Remind or relate it to a common, bad/good/bitter experience your TA (Target Audience) must have faced.

-      Be unique with your presentation that breaks the clutter of any other advertisements in that particular space.

-      Know your real brand ambassadors and respect them.

-      Everybody feels they can do marketing but the one - with passion and who wants to make a difference stays - through it.

Don’t let anybody undermine your job/profession. Do it with full grace and power. If you enjoy your job, then nothing else really matters. And if you are looking for a better opportunity, then work even harder for your work to get noticed. Reach out to people, give your recruiters reason to trust your profile and go for it.  We want to put the best learnings you’ve had in your profession live on our website, so please do let us know! 

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