Of lemons & lemonades: Recipe to recharge during isolation

What seemed like a storm approaching us with the Indian economy facing a downturn — a more serious one than the 2008 recession — we are right now sailing right in between the storm as COVID-19 hits the Indian shores, with the market crashing and an ongoing crude oil war. While it's difficult to say where this crisis could be headed I am here with a recipe which is exactly the need of this hour! We all must have heard of “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade” which signifies that we should stay positive and optimistic in adversity.

People across the globe are in a state of panic due to COVID-19 concerns. I am sure all of us are constantly checking the number of positive cases every day. And, amidst this pandemic I have realised that it is very little, we can do like maintain our hygiene, avoid going to public places, and socially distance ourselves. The rest is really not under our control.I’ve been reading so many real-life cases, recovery stories; some positive and some disheartening. I also chanced upon a social media post that states, “Climate change guys should have hired a Coronavirus publicist.” Which is refreshingly ingenious! The reality is that as humans we tend to have a myopic view of short-term politics and what is right in front of us. We need plans for long-term problems as well. Well, I digress but I had to get that thought out. Coming back to the situation at hand, we cannot neglect it, as each one of us needs to act responsibly.

We’ve all come across articles on the precautional measures one needs to take. So, I don’t really want to add to those articles. However, before we move any further please remember that we shouldn’t be spreading panic; stay informed and stay safe. Let’s look at the silver lining in this crisis, like the lemons that are thrown at you, we will face problems and these problems will peak and eventually settle like any other condition this universe has witnessed. So, here is my take on this situation or call it my recipe - use this time to make the most of it and to recharge ourselves along with helping others:

Ingredients for the lemonade or how to recharge when socially distancing ourselves from others:

1. Stay indoors, self-quarantine if you find any positive cases in and around your city or have come in contact with anyone. 

2. Work from home and don’t abuse this system. Make the most of it, work smartly and without any stress of travelling. You could learn a thing or two from it. 

3. Read books. Apart from the grocery, I would say stock books, make the most of this time. In fact, there’s a Twitter account giving away three free e-books. Check it out here (https://twitter.com/3ofCupsPress/status/1238389933741690886). 

4. Allocate a day to self-care. Make that call, speak to your friends and family. Create a stress-free zone for yourself and others. 

5. Meditate to keep yourself focused and do not let the stress or panic get to you.

6. Make a list of shows and blogs you want to watch or read. 

7. Get some indoor games to refresh yourself from all the content you consume.

8. If you have a pet, spend some more time with them. They say animals have a better sense of the things around us. You never know they might be worried too. 

9. Drink herbal teas like the turmeric, hibiscus or simple chamomile just to keep calm through these times. Please note that this is not the cure, just an addition to your wellness. My favourites brands are Organic India (Tulsi Sweet Lemon & Tulsi, Green Tea with Pomegranate are my favourites) and Tea Trunk (Rose Oolong and Chamomile). 

10. Listen to some uplifting music.

11. Don’t let the news consume your mental health.

12. Maintain a journal to capture the entire experience, your own version.

How do I share the recipe with my people or help others?

1. Please don’t do panic shopping, I know we all are worried, wondering if we will be left with enough food, hand sanitizer, masks, or any other basic commodities. I would suggest buying as per your need, don’t bulk buy because everybody needs their share. Also, the good news is the government has declared sanitizers and masks as essential commodities. Which means everyone has access and without any price surge. Read this link, confirming the same: https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/politics-and-nation/government-puts-masks-and-hand-sanitisers-under-essential-commodities-act/articleshow/74616781.cms

2. Compel your close family members and friends to stay indoors. 

3. Police those WhatsApp groups that are sharing information which is not from valid and credible sources.

4. Don’t wear a mask unless you have a cold and cough, read this article to understand our obsession with masks is unfounded. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/comment/asia-face-mask-obsession/

5. Educate your house help with the right information and provide them at least a set of a paper napkin, soap, hand wash and a mask. Give them a break if need be.

After all, don’t forget to squeeze those lemons life is throwing at us and make that lemonade. Also, don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards!

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