Start by starting : 20 small things to consider this 2020

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Hello people, a very bright and cheerful new year to you all! 

This is our first article of 2020 and If you have been reading my stories till now you will know I am a suckler for planners, calendars and journals for jotting down annual goals. Yes, yes, I go full crazy and my husband or Mhysa don’t bother me till I am done and out of my cave. The first two weeks of January have been all about different stationery parcels coming home. With having all kinds of lists and in general being the Marie Kondo of our house, my new year begins with getting rid of everything that has not been useful or is getting wasted.  Like my favourite actor, Meryl Streep says “Start by starting” here is me starting this year on TSW about 20 small things we should actually start considering :

  • Practice what you preach. 

  • Empathy towards all living beings. 

  • Don’t feel guilty for self-indulgence.

  • We all deserve treats. 3 A’s of Amruta (just kidding) - acknowledge the anxiety, accept and address.

  • Wait in the queue, everyone gets their turn.

  • Count your blessings and be thankful for every little gesture that made you feel better. 

  • Start expressing your happiness through emails, postcards, text messages or in person. Just don’t stop. 

  • Pour only the amount of water in the glass that you know you can finish. Be the Marie Kondo of your own life, let go of waste and giveaway extra. 

  • Start correcting your vocabulary, if it is in writing or speaking any language. Don’t be ashamed to ask for help, we are all just learning from each other. Save yourself from situations that belittle you. 

  • Return books that you have borrowed. 

  • Collect things that you love. For me, it is postcards, handmade soaps, old movie tickets, and posters. 

  • Go on dates, planned or surprise. Even if it means going for a walk and having ice-cream or a candlelight dinner date. 

  • If you buy plants, don’t give up on them easily. If they are gifted and not of your interest please give it to someone who loves them.

  • Explore different cuisines, food is the best way to learn about the culture.

  • To unlearn the pain with emotional freedom.

  • Return the calls from your loved ones and ignore the ones that disturb your mental peace.

  • Check on your family member or friend who has been quiet. You never know what they are going through.

  • Let’s start respecting each other’s struggles no matter how big or small.

  • Water is the coolest adult drink I have realised at the age of 30. My attempt to stick to this drink is by changing my water bottles from time to time. It works for me. (No plastic ones please) 

  • Enjoy good movies and TV shows. 

  • Taking a walk with your pet or alone. This will help you clear your thoughts and breathe. 

What are you starting this 2020? Share your experiences, we can add on to the list. Say what?


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