Sustainable hair care routine

Your hair care routine doesn’t have to be wasteful or elaborate to be effective. Given that our hair care routines are usually a daily task, it is an important area to address if you are looking to create a more environmentally-friendly routine.

1. Upcycle your hair care bottles

Between shampoo bottles and hair care containers, we are constantly throwing away old and empty products. Instead of getting rid of these containers, try finding a new purpose for them. Turn your old bottles into holders for hair ties and bobby pins, makeup brushes, or even a pot for a small plant. Get creative! It’s a great way to reuse something that would otherwise be thrown away and sent to landfill.

2. Give shampoo bar a try or switch to more organic brands

I haven’t completely stopped using all my current shampoo and conditioner bottles, but I am trying shampoo bars currently. Don’t jump to a conclusion too soon, try different bars according to your hair texture. There are different price ranges available in the market from INR 200-2000. See what suits you the best. Once I am done trying a few brands, I’ll share my review. Or, you could also try a few organic brands (which are plenty in the market). These brands are now using natural ingredients and have eco-friendly packaging.

3. Monitor your hair wash routine and water usage

We know a hair wash cycle depends on your hair type or your lifestyle but, generally, washing your hair 2-3 times a week is enough to keep the sebum (which we call grease/natural oils in daily parlance). The idea is to try and lock in moisture on your scalp, which is an absolute must for your hair. Also note, a lot of us have the habit of taking hot showers but remember hair wash is more effective in cold water and helps seal the cuticle. This can also work to cut down energy consumption time a little, and ensure you are saving water and electricity where you can!

4. Read the labels

As we are becoming more eco-conscious, we are seeing so many more environmentally friendly brands appear on the market. Unfortunately, a lot of hair products still contain harsh chemicals that are extremely harmful to our planet – and your health! Take some time to check the labels on your products to see what kind of ingredients they contain.

5. Go heatless

Limiting heat styling will ensure less damage to your hair, and your hair routine is much more energy-efficient and kinder on the planet. Use this as an opportunity to find some cute heatless hairstyles! If you want to go one step further, let your hair air dry instead of reaching for the hairdryer. Your hair will thank you for this step.

6. T-shirt dryer

When it comes to drying your hair opt for a T-shirt which is the best alternative to the microfibre towel. If you want to use micro-fibre ensure that you limit the number of times you put it in a washing machine. This will reduce how much you abrade as some of these fibres go in the water. Alternatively, you can try to use your microfibre towels as many times as possible before throwing them away or try organic cotton towels instead of regular cotton towels. Those are also free from harmful dyes and pollutants, meaning they use less energy during production and are much kinder on sensitive skin.

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