The Polyglot's Escape by Kruti Lalan

Kruti is a true-blue new age millennial and a Polyglot who knows more than 5 languages. Plus, she is currently learning a few more. And, of course, giving all of us an inferiority complex as a result.

Apart from deep diving in different cultures through languages and literature, she started tutoring at the age of 15 through her own academy called “The Language

Legacy “ and flaunts her title of the most favourite teacher among her students.

My love for languages stems from two major factors: my love for reading and absorbing knowledge. I speak six languages (can read and write in 5 of them, 6th being a dialect), and am currently learning Spanish and Mandarin. The absence of a sibling in my life pushed me to find companionship in books. I would spend hours and hours in our local library, taking in all it had to offer. This relationship with reading motivated me to explore literature in varied languages and from them sprang my insatiable desire to learn languages.

Fortunately, most Indian families are at least bilingual, if not multilingual, i.e. we speak more than one language. Therefore, I too was exposed to four languages right from my birth.

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The knowledge of these languages opened the unknown doors of literary treasure for me. Along with reading Earnest Hemingway and A. C. Doyle in English, knowing other languages empowered me to read Munshi Premchand in Hindi, P. L. Deshpande in Marathi, Ashwini Bhatt in Gujrati, and Molière and Maupassant in French. Even though there are translations available for classics, the joy of reading the words written by the author himself/herself is beyond words.

I remember shifting to Gujarat. I didn't have a lot of friends, and to while away time I used to spend hours in the library, devouring books. I still remember the small, comfy corner from where I would sit and read from noon till dusk, unperturbed by any worldly distractions. It was during those days that my hobby changed into a passion. And, it was the first time I read books in vernacular languages; Mahabharata for kids in Hindi, Champak, a comic in Gujarati. I hardly remember anything of being in Gujarat but those long hours in my safe place were my only solace.

Cut to now, the best part about teaching languages for me is that I am never away from language or literature. Every single day that I go for work, I am looking at a whole new day of doing what I love. And, it was this motivation that pushed me to start teaching at the young age of 15.

So, languages for me are passageways to salvation as it's through the medium of language that I escape from the reality of the present and divulge in the fictional world created by the writers. Moreover, I also feel capable of expressing myself in different ways, as each language differs not only in alphabets and grammar but also the way the world is perceived. Learning languages helped me get a sneak peek inside the cultures and societies different from ours. Exclusive access to different music, theatre, films and art could be possible because I had the language to guide me through that. The only thing I want from life is the satisfaction of keeping my love for languages alive till the time I'm alive.

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