Use & Grow Pens and Pencils

With over 4 crore disposable plastic ball pens and wooden pencils being made in India every day, the stationery industry is a big contributor to environmental pollution. One of the small ways we can contribute positively is through this everyday product - 🌱 ✏️ plantable pens/pencils. After you have used them, don’t discard. Just plant them in any pot and continue to enjoy the benefits a simple tiny pen/pencil can give. It just takes around 2 two weeks time to see the seed grow, once planted. So cool, right? 🌱

These carbon-negative products are an attempt to reduce plastic waste and deforestation, while also letting you grow some plants in an easy and fun manner. They cost around INR 25 - 30 for a single piece and usually come in a biodegradable box of 5 to 10 pieces. ♻️

So, let’s not use and throw...instead grow. Also, do share your pictures when these tiny babies grow?💚


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