What it takes to protect your emotional well-being during tough times

Baking at home, cleaning the house, worrying about family and future, laundry at home, dog walks, sanitising every damn thing, stressing over current job scenario, this pressure of being the best productive version of yourself, the economic crisis in our country and fascists on the lead.

Why can't we just cancel 2020? Did all these thoughts cross your mind? It did with me.

It’s a frightening time. We’re in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, Others are bracing for what may come. And all of us are watching the headlines and wondering, “What is going to happen next? Are you constantly worried about the world coming to an end with so many disastrous news across the globe? It’s only natural to feel to like this. A more holistic approach is needed to deal with current times, with emotional and physical well-being getting equal importance.

We all have our coping mechanism towards our problems but strangely this time I felt particularly blank. As this entire world in the current situation looks like an apocalypse scene from a movie for me. Most of the days I am busy with so many tasks where I have no clue about the start and end of the day. It's like I am just constantly on a loop of tasks. Somedays I am pumped up in the morning even with very little sleep and somedays getting myself out of the bed is a real struggle. It just feels strange, I am a night person and I have hardly slept before 3 am. I end up reading, doing things that encourage self-care time or else I would be restless for sure.

This whole situation can take a toll on our mental health. Understanding our anxiety and addressing what concerns our emotional well being becomes more important than ever.

Sometimes just pause and check with yourself. Don't just keep working as a toy on a battery. Time to time check your battery? Ask yourself how are you feeling?

You could be feeling great! feeling good! feeling okay. Meh, Struggling. I'm empty. I have felt all these levels and went through anxiety even without realising. One of the days I just took a break in between a crazy day to check if I am really doing okay. Discussed my thoughts with a close friend on call and we both tried to calm each other just by acknowledging that it's absolutely fine to feel like this. So do what you want to, hustle and bustle or stay in the bed the whole day if you have to but don't forget to check on yourself. Don't take yourself for granted while we all know by now how important self-care is. Getting better means gaining control over worry so don’t stress over your productivity list.

Here are a few things, I have tried and worked for me to pump me up to feel fresh and light

  • Soothing playlists while working, taking a shower or simply sitting by the window.

  • Stared at the sky, moon, sunsets.

  • Did absolutely nothing. Which is rare since I am very impatient in general.

  • Ate till my heart's content.

  • Did self-care to feel good. Good face masks and nice tea followed by a nice long shower.

  • Looked at my travel pictures to revisit the happy memories.

  • Reading - my absolute escape.

  • Baked, cooked a long process meal a complete therapy for my soul.

  • Cried while watching a movie because it’s okay to let emotions flow. Cried even without a reason and can’t describe how much better and light I felt.

  • Made myself a cup of coffee and had every sip what seemed like a total time of a year.

  • Started with a simple 30 to 45 minutes workout daily. It is has been super refreshing.

Don't let the content consume you.

Stay informed but don't obsessively check the news. It’s vital to stay informed, particularly about what’s happening around you. But well also know that there’s a lot of misinformation going around, as well as sensationalistic coverage that only feeds into fear. It’s important to be discerning about what you read and watch. I have tried the following and it is helping.

  • Stick to trustworthy sources for news.

  • Limit how often you check for updates. Constant monitoring of news and social media feeds can quickly turn compulsive and counterproductive—fueling anxiety rather than easing it. The limit is different for everyone, so pay attention to how you’re feeling and adjust accordingly.

  • Step away from media if you start feeling overwhelmed. If anxiety is an ongoing issue, consider limiting your media consumption to a specific time frame and time of day (e.g. thirty minutes each evening at 6 pm).

  • Ask someone reliable to share important updates. If you’d feel better-avoiding media entirely, ask someone you trust to pass along any major updates you need to know about.

  • Be careful what you share. Do your best to verify the information before passing it on.. We all need to do our part to avoid spreading rumours and creating unnecessary panic.

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