Young baker winning hearts one cake at a time by Mokshada Sawant

Mokshada, a passionate baker, shares her experience of how she picked her career with conviction and founded her own confectionary business under the brand name Gateau's Heaven at the young age of 19. In just a year of her operations, Mokshada is inundated with exceedingly positive feedback from her already blooming clientele. She talks about her experience:

Conventional career choices were never my thing. I just couldn’t imagine myself in any of those roles. Even when I didn’t know where my career was headed at the age of 17, I was sure of one thing that I would never settle for a career where my creativity wouldn't get a chance to grow.

Around three years ago, I was simply baking a cake for my mom during one of our common holidays. The idea of baking for life and making a serious career out of it hit me at that very moment. I thought to myself - let's give this a try. The best part about this decision was the support of my parents. They never discouraged my ideas and suggestions. They've always understood my career choices with no fear of what the future holds for me. Without a doubt, they are my best cheerleaders.

They gave a nod to my idea and enrolled me for a basic learning course to see if I would still like to stick to this idea. How did my training go? Well, it was the best experience ever. I felt like I was giving it my best and the results were speaking for themselves. I was 100% convinced that making confectionary is my calling.

I decided I would do everything it takes to make it big in this field. It was stressful and difficult and filled with challenges every day. But, then again, when it’s your passion you hardly feel the pain of the struggle. I was working like I was on crack and was consistently motivated to do well.

I distinctly remember my first order was on 3rd August 2017. Although, I was super nervous and hassled even after having the confidence in my craft. It was a simple black forest cake for a birthday party and I knew that it'd taste good. I didn’t speak much throughout the baking process and finally, when I asked for feedback on the cake my confidence level shot 100 times.

I got an extremely positive response and that was the shot in the arm I needed to take things to the next level. I changed my passion into a profession soon after the overwhelming response. Furthermore, I completed my professional diploma course in Patisserie and Confectionary from ITM Institue of Hotel Management. And, I am still pursuing my BA.

At the age of 19, I started my own confectionary business called “Gateau’s Heaven” serving a wide range of cakes, cupcakes, chocolates, tarts and much more. But what’s special about Gateau’s Heaven is, my baked items are a part of a celebration and they become a part of long-lasting memories. I specialise in designing customised cakes where every cake tells a story. It is beyond just a beautiful cake. Often people forget that a cake doesn’t have to just look beautiful, it has to also taste great and create memories. I ensured my cakes were a balanced amalgamation of these thoughts.

Before starting this career, I wondered if I'll be able to keep my love for this profession going forever and here I am today, after completing a year, and it feels like every passing day I am more involved, interested and loving this world I have created for myself. Like I mentioned before, it gets crazy hectic and tiring with studies and the outpouring of orders every day. However, I don’t feel the burden of “I have to get to work” in fact I look forward to every day, every order.

I don’t have Monday blues. Also, I feel super lucky to come across positive feedback day in and day out. Gateau’s Heaven has been a part of many occasions like birthdays, weddings, baby showers, office parties, farewells and when I get pictures from my clients, I feel like I have been a part of these happy occasions and that motivates me to keep moving ahead.

I am 20 now and in my final year of bachelor’s in arts. After my graduation, I plan to dedicate my full time on building the Gateau’s Heaven business. In fact, unlike most other businesses, in this recent pandemic, my business has actually flourished. More orders have come in and people are trusting my current operations from home as our cakes are made with all the necessary precautions in mind and hygiene maintained. We have celebrated so many quarantine birthdays and anniversaries, which worked like a happy breakaway every time during these frightening 2020 days.

I don’t want to get carried away by the current success and slow down. I want to work, improve my operations furthermore, and be efficient every day. No matter how much hard this struggle gets, I have faith in my own abilities and this faith has got me here. Trust me, this is just the beginning in winning hearts one cake at a time.

Following are an assortment of Mokshada's creations.

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