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Suitable Sustainable (SS) is here with an aim to show you small steps towards sustainability at your own pace and what suits your pocket the best.  It could be a really tiny activity which becomes a part of your routine. You don’t have to go out of your way to adapt to sustainability. 

The most common myth I came across — while trying to understand from a consumers point of view — is that sustainability is expensive. And that myth has mostly perpetuated because social media often shows you the beautiful sight of every activity that comes with a cost.  As a result, consumers are bound to associate sustainability with an expensive lifestyle. It implies purchasing a lot of ethical products, owning a huge house with a brand new minimal home decor, new trendy zero waste accessories, fashion items that cost 10 times more than your H&M, Zara tees, and the list just goes on. SS is here to debunk this myth. 

The cost of sustainability depends on many things, including the context in which you’re trying to become more sustainable. When you’re trying to make aspects of your life more sustainable, there are lots of small changes you can implement to help the planet that doesn’t really have to cost you more money. For example, you can start by being more energy and water conscious, and maybe by minimising waste in our day-to-day activities. 

We are going to share these small steps every week through SS column here to ensure that you don’t feel like running away from the cost involved in maintaining a sustainable lifestyle. In fact, we want to encourage you to embrace sustainable living starting today and contribute in your own way. And, by following SS regularly you’d be taking a step in the right direction.



















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